Tuesday’ss Test

I have been studying for two weeks and all day today for my ServeSafe Food Managerial test I am taking tomorrow morning at 10am. This is the one I need to pass in order to box our popcorn. If you mess this up it’ss going to delay everything. (You might have noticed a coffee theme to the images I choose for these update posts. I need all the energy I can get. This one is from the Speedwell Coffee stand at the SoWa Market. So good.)

I spent the day reading 150 pages of raw textbook. It had pictures, which of course helped me stay on track, but it was still brutal.
In anticipation all the studying I had lined up babysitters all day, but one of them canceled.  The result; I spent about 2 hours on the kitchen floor while Quinn took out every pot and pan and clanked them until his heart was content.  I also let him “reorganize” our large spice cabinet. The living room bought me another 2 hours or so as he proceeded to pull down every book he could reach.  Studying was tricky, but looking back, he was so behaved. It could have been so much worse!
I am still worried though. I have to be honest, I am not a very good test taker. It’ss a multiple choice test, and I tend to go with my second choice. I know, I know…  You are supposed to go with your first, you are supposed to go with your initial instinct, but I second guess EVERYTHING.  I will do my best to trust myself tomorrow while when I am staring at a screen, sweating bullets, trying to remember if Shigellosis causes fever or if Hemorrhagic Colitis does. Actually, they both do!
Will let you guys know what happens, but please wish me luck!! 😉