Quinn Press

We have been getting some really great press lately, and I just realized we haven’t shared any of it on the blog. No, it’s not exactly the cover of Time magazine, but we are pleased when anyone picks up our story and shares it through their newspaper, magazine, blog, etc.

I needed to assign this post to a category and realized that none of the ones I had would work. I made those categories when we started this blog and I guess I just didn’t think this far ahead. A small milestone, but it feels good nonetheless.

So here is the list of articles we know of:

Huffington Post (web)

The Stamford Advocate (print + web)

Washington Post (web)

Boston Herald (print + web)

Reuters (web)

Boston Magazine Blog – Chowder (web)

Wicked Local Arlington, MA (print + web)

The Die Line (web)

The Gear Patrol (web)

The Stupid Dope (web)

Kickstarter Blog (web)

The Urban Lifestyle (web)

Broward Palm Beach Blog (web)

One Girls Illustrated Ideal (web)

West Fair (web)

Dappered.com (web)

The Jake Dwyer Blog (web)

Darien Times (print + web)