Putting It All Together

We keep getting asked when we will have our final product.  We will receive all of our components during the first week in August, but we will start selling on September 1st, and here is why.

We don’st actually receive a finished box of microwave popcorn.  Each of our vendors ships their final pieces to the storage/shipping warehouse based out of Roxbury, MA.


We receive the below items:

  1. Sealed microwave popcorn bags filled with our kernels.
  2. Sealed oil pouches filled with our expeller oils.
  3. Sealed spice pouches filled with our spices/herbs.
  4. Microwave popcorn boxes.
  5. Cases.


These items arrive on pallets.  When all of them arrive we drive to the warehouse, pick up a few cases of each item, and then drive to the shared kitchen space in Jamaica Plain, MA.


We also need to bring the below items with us:

  1. Glue gun and glue sticks.
  2. Expiration date stamps.
  3. Stickers for cases, stickers for master cartons.
  4. Coffee….


We then do the following:

  1. Take the flat microwave popcorn boxes and fold them to make a real box.
  2. Put 2 popcorn bags, 2 oil pouches, 2 spice pouches into the box, and seal the tops using  the glue gun.
  3. Stamp the expiration date on the bottom of the box.
  4. Put each box into a 3pk case, that will also have to be folded and glued, or a 6pk case.
  • 3pk variety cases will be shipped out to media and to prospective buyers.
  • Certain 3pk cases will be put into master cartons that hold 12 of these cases and then sent to Amazon.
  • 6pk cases will be put onto a pallet and await an order from a buyer.
  1. When then put the appropriate sticker/label onto the 3pk case, 6pk case, and master cartons.
  2. After all of this is done, we put a call into our warehouse, and they come and pick them up.


We have a month to do this. Coulter thinks this is plenty of time….I have a different opinion. In a perfect world it wouldn’st be this complicated, but for now, we just have to make it work!