Kickstarter Video Woes

Making a compelling video has to be the most important part of a Kickstarter listing. We need a decent video not only for Kickstarter but also to tell people about our product. There are lots of reasons for us to make a really good video. Unfortunately, it takes more than good reasons to make a video. This is hard.


I know photography, lighting, editing; all the mechanics of it. It’ss the getting in front of the camera that takes time to get used to…for both of us.


We wrote out a brief storyboard of the video and there is probably going to be about 30 seconds of us actually on camera.  So far we have shot an HOUR of us screwing up our own names, laughing, looking awkward, etc. There might be 30 good seconds in there, but I doubt it. We are either making errors or sounding totally mechanical. Some of the clips are almost scary.


Hopefully the Kickstarter page will be up soon with the final video. It’ss not going to be perfect, but with luck it will get the point across and convey the right feel. I also need to put together a short blooper reel. I think everyone would be amazed at how much we suck at this.


Also, I know the posts have been a little sparse lately. As always, we are running full tilt on Quinn Popcorn every second of every day. This video has taken priority but that should end soon!