Kickstarter Still Kicking

I have probably refreshed my browser a billion times in the last 15 days. Each time hoping to see a new backer. Amazingly, most of the time I do! Now we are almost at 200% of our original goal!


Kristy and I are just about speechless when it comes to the response thus far. This has gone further than we ever imagined. Thank you to everyone who spread the word and to everyone who made a pledge.


Beyond the pledges we have received tons of good feedback from our backers. We regretfully (and after trying everything) had to tell our international backers that we couldn’st ship overseas. We expected that this probably might effect one or two backers. Multiple people from Denmark, Germany, Australia, UK, Dubai, Egypt, etc. all wrote to say how bummed they were. One backer even asked if we would could ship his box to a hotel during his next visit to the US. Amazing!


I know I have written this before, but it’ss worth mentioning that we were terrified when we listed on Kickstarter. What if no one pledges? It seem possible that no one would take notice. What a great boost to have the opposite happen.


Of course, it’ss still going. We have 12 days left and hopefully we can maintain momentum all the way through. We can use every cent right now to make more popcorn and start the selling!