KickStart Quinn Popcorn

We have officially kicked off Quinn Popcorn on Kickstarter! This is kinda a big deal for us and the response has been amazing so far. I hope you guys like the video!

The experience has been pretty amazing thus far!  We took about 3 hours of video to make a 3 minute video, but it was totally worth it. After two weeks of filming and putting it together, (let’ss be honest here, Coulter put it together) we both think it turned out pretty well.  It really conveys what we have been doing for the last 10 months!


Take a look to see for yourself!  We launched late Sunday night, but we are now ready to spread the word! KickStarter already featured us on their Blog, which is beyond cool,and the momentum is building! Honestly we are astonished at the number of emails, backers, and positive feedback. This is really fun!


We want to keep this good momentum going so please feel free to send the our Kickstarter link to your friends, your family, your coworkers, tell your cat all about it, anyone who likes popcorn, and/or anyone who might want to watch a cool video and help a food business get off the ground.


As you could have guessed, we need to raise some money, but we also need/would like to spread the word. Kickstarter is a great place to make both of these things happen!


Take a look and tell us what you think: KickStarter+QuinnPopcorn


Email, Facebook, Like, Twitter, Stumble, Pony Express, whatever method you prefer… we greatly appreciate the help spreading the word!


Thanks again for being such dedicated blog followers!