I Passed!

( Coulter is obsessed with fireworks, he took the above photo a few years ago when we were in MT.)


I PASSED the test!


I took the test at CCK, the shared kitchen space, in a back room after It took me 45 minutes to get hooked up to an internet connection. ( I won’st even go into this.) Per usual, I second guessed all 90 questions. ‘s¦ It’ss a miracle that I passed, but I did!


It was my first visit to CCK, and it was bustling! There was a silent buzz about the place. Everyone had their exact task, and they were each doing it without saying a word. I guess that’ss what you do when you get charged $15 an hour, and have to pay employees as well. The mood wasn’st exactly peachy, but the quick experience was enlightening, and here is why.


I was told that we could package Quinn Popcorn on the tables and space that we rent, but there is a small catch. They would like it if we could work off hours so we could have more room to spread out. Meaning, so we won’st step on other toes. So instead of 7am-3pm we would do 3pm-10pm. Not exactly Ideal, but not the worst case either. They also have very limited amount of locked and unlocked storage. To be honest, I just wasn’st digging the space. We need a tad more room than they can offer, and I really do want our product in a locked area, if humanly possible. I can find no valid reason why we have to assemble Quinn Popcorn in a certified kitchen space when all we are doing is assembling already packaged goods. I don’st think this is our best option.


So today I spoke to the board of health about other options. They actually understood my concerns and have agreed to let us package in a commercial space! So all I have to do is find that space! We still have to get certified, but that shouldn’st be a problem. If any of you are reading this, and have something available in your warehouse, for short term lease, please let me know! I have about 4 days to get this figured out! Yes, I am making this more complicated than it has to be, but I can’st help it. I want this done the right way.


Oh, and I stopped by the shipping warehouse to meet with our shipping folks. Amazing! I am so excited that we are working with them! I also snagged the first official Quinn Popcorn item that has come in!  Because of Kickstarter, our vendors have the green-light to ship, and we can also now pay them the other 50% that we owe them!


Good news all around.


Hope you guys have a great weekend!