Food Safety Test

In order for us to package our popcorn boxes in a shared kitchen I need to take the ServSafe Food Handler/Safety course and pass the test.  I figured this would be like taking the written drivers test, but it’ss not, it’ss pretty tough. First I had to complete all 12 hours of the online course. Seriously brutal. Now I need to study because if I fail the test it’ss going to delay everything!


So now it’ss crunch time.  I need to take the online pre-test this Tuesday and get at least 75% of the 60 questions correct.  Once I do that, I receive a voucher code that lets my instructor know that I have passed and completed the course.  I take the actual test online a week from Tuesday, at the shared kitchen, with a proctor, and hopefully pass. If I don’st pass the test, I have no idea what happens. I would hope that I would get another try.


When I was 16 yrs old, my driver’ss ED instructor told my mom, ‘sœI will let Kristy pass the driving part, but that doesn’st mean I would let her drive’s¦.’s  I doubt I will be able to beg/smile my way out of this one…


The funny thing about all this is that we aren’st really handling food.  All of our pouches are coming to us sealed as are our popcorn bags. It seems a bit ridiculous that I need to know the difference between a shellfish toxin that grows in cold waters,Saxitoxin, and the shellfish toxin that grows in warm waters, Brevetoxin. That Scrombroid poisoning is caused by eating Histamine, a toxin found on fish such as Tuna, which has been “time temperature abused”.  Or the fact that chicken needs to be cooked to a minimum internal temperature of 165 F before it’ss considered safe to eat. Although, this is useful considering I always think chicken is under cooked and I end up charring the crap out of it. (Coulter just looked at me and said, “You didn’st know this?” Nope, I didn’st.)


Regardless of all this, most importantly, I do understand that I need to be aware of the safety measures that come with handling food; allergy info, cross contamination, when to make sure sick employees stay out of the kitchen, etc.  I realize this is important knowledge and I really am taking this seriously.


Side note: I just noticed that in fine print, on one of the hidden pages within the ServSafe website, it recommends that one purchase the food safety book that goes along with the course. Wish I had know that two weeks ago.   I just ordered it off Amazon, hopefully I receive it Tuesday’s¦.


And another side note: Coulter took the photo at the Tsukiji Market in Tokyo. If you are ever in Japan make sure you get up at sunrise and go check it out. Simply amazing. More photos here: