Boxes In Hand

A few weeks ago I posted photos of our printer doing a test run of our boxes. Now they have finally arrived. Kristy and I pulled the first few boxes out and we couldn’st help but grin from ear to ear. It’ss a lot like when we got the first bags. It’ss just a little more real.

This is where I go off on a brief tangent… When talking with a friend last week I was fumbling around an explanation of why this is of fun. After a few failed attempts I ended up simply saying that we are lump-in-our-throat excited and/or terrified about 3 times a week. When we posted our project on Kickstarter we went to bed terrified. Not a little terrified. Almost can’st talk staring at the ceiling terrified. When the boxes arrived and we pulled the first few samples out we were blown away. They are perfect and the ball is really rolling.


P.S. Kristy set up a Gmail filter to help sort the ever increasing mail inflow. She felt pretty clever. She told me about it. Just now (as in 15 seconds ago) she realized that it was filtering almost everything to a hidden inbox. A few hundred emails didn’st get answered. Now all I hear is her fingers thumping away at the keyboard…