The Amazon Jungle

Since Quinn Popcorn won’st necessarily be available at a store near you right when we launch, we want to make sure that it’ss at least available for purchase on the web… this is where Amazon comes in.


I enrolled Quinn Popcorn as a ‘sœseller’s in Amazon a few weeks ago; easy.  Then today I realized that we need to register ourselves as “FBA” as well.  (Fulfillment by Amazon)  We need to do this because we won’st be able to ship from our facility since our current “facility” is spread across the US and based in our Attic.  UPS, which is Amazon’ss partnered carrier, will pick up already packed cases from our storage facility and ship them to Amazon. Amazon will scan them into their system and then they sit at their fulfillment warehouse until someone places an order! Of course they charge for all of this,  but it’ss actually really reasonable. It sounds pretty simple, but this is the first time in 10 months when I wish I had someone to figure this out for me!


I just downloaded this 7 page excel spreadsheet, printed out Amazon terms and definitions that I need to familiarize myself with, and started the process of entering our inventory, all 3 flavors!  Since I am neck deep in our logistical maze, I am no stranger to spreadsheets. This one, however, has 180 columns. Not rows, columns. No joke. Once I fill this out, I upload it into the Amazon system, we attach JPEGs of our products, ship them out, and we are off!


I need to figure out the paperwork and Amazon jargon, and I have already emailed the help desk twice, but hopefully I can get this all done by mid week.  It just requires time and patience, and Quinn started to crawl today… for real.  On two hands and knees heading right for Colby’ss dog bowl!  Pretty exciting, but it does make my life a little more complicated.  I just wrote the babysitter an email asking if she could now come more hours during the week.  It was a desperate plea for help!


Anyway, I will let you know once we get our product up on Amazon, and once it’ss available for purchase!  With lots of luck it should be up on the site in 8 weeks or so. Busy worker bees over here! (The photo is from a trip we took to Northern California a few years ago.)