Status Update – Production Craziness

The final days of putting this all together means total chaos over here.  Okay, total chose might me a little strong, but there are a lot of moving parts and lining everything up has been a real challenge.  Here are a few fires that I have be putting out in the last week:
I found out yesterday that our Meyer lemon sea salt needs a Certificate of Analysis in order for our co-packer to accept this as one of our ingredients.  Totally obvious, but it didn’st even cross my mind.  We have COAs for all of our other ingredients, but since we had a company make this specifically for us, the ball is in our court. Spoke to a lab today and shipped them a sample.  When they receive it they will test our salt for Salmonella, fungi, mold, etc.  I am sure it will be fine, but we find out in 10 days if we ‘sœpass’s.


Long story short, we have had a delay with our oil and spice film.  They should get this film into their warehouse in about 3 weeks. They will then print our graphics on it and ship it out to our oil co-packer and our spice co-packer so they can form pouches and then fill.  Funny thing is, we needed this yesterday’s¦


We get samples of our bags tomorrow.  Will post tomorrow night so you guys can see what they look like!  Found out that the glue we wanted to use wasn’st working for us, so they had to go with another glue.  Stinks, but out of my control.


I have to complete this course online and then take a test next week.  It’ss a Food Manager course that is required by our shared kitchen that we are working out of.   It’ss 7 to 10 hours of listening and answering questions on a screen.  I do this while trying to catch up on emails and phone calls.  I swear I am paying attention.  I will hopefully finish the other 5 hours of this class tomorrow night, and study this weekend.  I already know a bit too much about pathogens and how to handle raw chicken.


I Just finished placing all the purchase orders and sent them to our vendors’s¦. this only took me forever to do. Going back and forth with pricing, logistics and tying up loose ends.  I also figured out how much monopoly money we are using for our first run, and trying not to freak out.


We are really doing this folks!  Here we go!