There are a lot of cool things happening around funding for startups and Kickstarter is leading the charge.  Put simply, they provide a platform to tell a large audience about your idea, and hopefully some of those people contribute to getting it off the ground. They describe themselves as the largest funding platform for creative projects in the world. Pretty cool. (I nabbed that photo from one of the projects listed below.  Yes, I bought a bottle opener…)


I am totally fascinated by how they have taken off.  Check out this Google Trend: (Go try out Google Trends if you haven’st already.  Amazing.)




The concept is pretty simple. You post your idea in the most emotive form you can; a video is a must. Visitors to their site read your idea because, well, other people’ss passion and ventures are really interesting. Each idea allows for different “pledge” dollar amounts.  These usually range from about $10 to $500 with unique rewards associated with each amount. The lowest value might get you a mention on their website or a postcard while a larger pledge will get you some of the product you are helping to get going. So, if you really like the idea and are interesting in what your pledge buys, you make the pledge.


I know, I know, it sounds a little crazy. Just go to the site and look around. There are so many great ideas, and it actually feels great to help get them started. The rewards offered aren’st usually worth the dollars you put in, but that’ss not really the point. It’ss an easy way to help get someone’ss idea off the ground. It’ss a really easy way to be part of bigger idea.


You may have guessed by now that we are going to post Quinn Popcorn on Kickstarter. The first step is applying to and getting approved by Kickstarter.  Done and done. The next step is making a video. Not so easy. We took about a million takes last night of ‘sœHi, I am Kristy. Hi, I am Coulter.We are Quinn Popcorn’s. Five studio lights, two video cameras, two hours, and two filled memory cards later we captured about 10% of our video. Kristy is worse at keeping a straight face than Jimmy Fallon. I, on the other hand, tend to look straight into the camera and orate like a dictator. This is going to take time.


We also need to figure out what our rewards will be. Since we really do need help funding this first round, it wouldn’st make sense for us to send a box of popcorn for a $5 dollar donation. The logistics would kill us. So, suggestions welcome! Right now we are thinking about selling a case of popcorn for a smaller pledge and a years subscription for a larger pledge. Maybe Quinn Popcorn hats? I really want to make hats so just agree with that one.


Our goal is to post our project on Kickstarter in about a week.  We have a ton to do but creating the video is actually pretty fun. If only we had more time…


Take a look at KickStarter and see for yourself how it works. Here are a few projects we think are interesting: (This is all Kristy…)