Hot Off the Press


I spent this morning at our box manufacturer in Connecticut. They gave me the full tour, which, for a geek like me, was incredible to see. Moving from one warehouse sized room to another we checked out each step of the process; from making the dies to packing up the boxes and everything in between.


I was able to see our boxes running through their tractor trailer sized printing press. They were calibrating colors before running the full batch. Each sheet flew through the 40 feet of machine and was stacked on the other end for inspection. The above photo is the inspection station. The yellow wasn’st cooperating at that moment…




The process and machinery were facinating but really, it was one of those tangible progress moments that are so rare. Before I left our printed boxes were being stacked high.


I promise to do a more complete write up on the process. It is so interesting but it’ss just too late to write that long post right now. Soon!