Blind Corners

We get a lot of questions about how we are so sure this is going to work. We aren’st. If you read the blog you already know that. Lately I have been describing our progress as a series of blind corners.  We can’st know what lies after each turn until we go through it.  We could theorize for days (and we do), but really, we just need to keep moving and see what happens. (Photo is of Kristy burning midnight oil. See what I mean about the intensity. Scary…)

Early on, we continually thought we were about to round one of these corners and find a brick wall. Maybe we would find another product that was doing it better than us and already had their footing. Or, we thought that the logistics (cost, ingredients, regulation, etc.) would finally prove that our product just isn’st feasible. Then there was packaging.  Redesigning the bag was touch and go for a long time. A lot of things didn’st work but none of them derailed us.

There are still many blind corners to round.  These are the things that keep me up at night.  The first is, will people be willing to pay almost double what current brands cost?  (I will write a post soon on our cost and retail price.)  Suffice to say, we are doing the best we can, but it’ss still expensive popcorn.  We ask this question all the time, and the answers we get are all over the map. No one really knows what they will pay until they see the box on the shelf.

Another big question right now is around the extra prep steps required.  We are doing everything we can to communicate that adding the oil, and spice after popping allows us to use the best ingredients (healthier oils, real cheese, real…everything).  We are also tying to help our users perceive the mixing as a fun and rewarding part of the process.  Having a hand in making the food you eat and seeing the ingredients should feel good, but does it?  Does it come across as a pain in the ass instead?  We will see when we start selling popcorn.

Before all that is proven out we need to get our product on shelves. Not an easy task. Store buyers have shown interest but they can’st commit until they try the final product.  What if they burn the bag?  What if they just don’st get it? I sure many won’st, but hopefully enough do.

Okay, I’sm done. That was actually really cathartic. These fears are nagging, but not dominating. More than anything, we are excited to get it going. Good vibes over here.