Always Be Closing


Our boxes are printing, our pouches are getting filled, and a pallet of popcorn bags is ready to ship. While our various vendors are chugging away we are switching into selling mode. We traveled to Montauk last weekend for a wedding, and there was no stopping Kristy from meeting with, or gathering contact info for, the buyers of every little market we passed.


The photos are of Reddings Market on Shelter Island just off Montauk.  We stopped here by chance on our way home and had a ridiculously good lunch. Reddings is basically half gourmet market and half deli. The whole place had the feel of a well executed vision. It feels old school but not dated, it’ss right on the water, the grocery selection seems like a carefully curated collection, the deli menu was loaded with unique but amazing sounding stuff. My sandwich was made up of fried chicken with radish slaw and tomatoes. Incredible. It turns out Reddings was opened in 2008 by two former chefs who cooked for a ton of notable restaurants including the French Laundry in Napa.




Okay, back to the the point of this post; slinging corn. I was sitting at the market’ss bar style table with radish mayo all over my face and Kristy was holding Quinn in her lap while shoveling salad down before he starts to cry. In manner similar to a cat suddenly waking and darting from a room, Kristy stands up, still holding Quinn, and heads to the counter to talk to the buyer. It seemed like the wrong timing but it wasn’st. We are not some monolithic food conglomerate. It’ss okay, maybe even a good thing, to let our guard down; to be human. The buyer was there and after a little discussion she got the idea and seems to really dig Quinn Popcorn. She, like every other store/buyer we spoke with, needs to try the final product before putting it on their shelf. Nonetheless it’ss a great connection and a nice addition to the good vibes we have been receiving.




P.S. The “Always Be Closing” title to this post is a joke. For a little background check out this video. Not really Kristy’ss style.