Status Update – 6 Weeks!?

Coulter took the above photo on a trip to Munich. It looks like a vacation. Toasted bread with Brie and a shot of espresso?!  I am lucky if I get to lick Quinn’ss leftover bowl of oatmeal and butternut squash in the morning…

My six week deadline seems to be turning into an 8 week deadline – if we are lucky. Everything seems to be taking more time than expected, which was predicted by Coulter. There is still hope, but we have run into some tiny problems that we are sorting out.


Lemon powder – still working on this one. If you recall, the lemon powder we were currently using had corn syrup and silica dioxide in it so we had to start from scratch. We are receiving a new sample from a different company next week, and I remain hopeful that this is the one.  It doesn’st contain any additives or preservatives, and it’ss 100% derived from pure lemon. I am crossing my fingers that the taste is dead-on.


Spice pouches – about two weeks ago I sent our co-packer, who is filling our oil pouches, samples of our dry ingredients.  Coulter and I both realized that we are maxing ourselves out and hand filling 15,000 pouches isn’st an option. Since we both have “day” jobs, Coulter as a product designer and myself raising Quinn, time is precious and rare. After much thought we think it is best to pass the task of filling our spice pouches onto someone who has experience with it. Unfortunately I just found out that our oil co-packer can’st our flavors it as they don’st have a blending machine (which mixes and feeds the powder to the machine). So, I have a call with another co-packer sometime today.  Since we are starting at low volume, there is a good chance he won’st take us on.  I am holding my breath as we are running out of time!


Side Notes:
I am currently trying to ‘sœmaster’s twitter. If you guys are interested, you should check it out. We currently have 8 followers which is probably best because I am still trying to get the hang of it.


Good news:  I found a babysitter to help me a couple of hours during the mornings. This will allow me to get more done and to go out on sale calls when we actually have a tangible product. Quinn is getting interested in crawling’s¦ and that does not really work in my favor. 😉  She starts June 1st!


Coulter keeps getting annoyed that I keep blogging about updates’s¦ but my life is one big status update right now. I can’st help it!