Rosemary Square Groupers

A few weeks ago Kristy wrote about her little Rosemary breakdown.  Following the discovery of a few insects in our organic rosemary she set off to find a new supplier.  These came in the mail one week later.  We are little bummed that they don’st grow the in the US but the product is solid.  Thing is, there are other important reasons we are going with them…


If you give me something for free, I am loyal for life.  It doesn’st even have to be much.  It just has to be unexpected.  Without blinking they sent us 10+ pounds of rosemary in four different custom grinds.  It was generous and a sign that they will be good to work with in the future.


Curious thing about the different grinds, it totally changes that flavor.  We have found this with other herbs, but it is more pronounced with rosemary.  The fine grind is just plain bitter.  This tapers off as the grind becomes more coarse, but eventually the chunks are just too big for popcorn.


Also, it turns out that rosemary is not grown in the US because it is hand harvested.  This is a pretty painstaking task and, like a lot of manual labor, it isn’st done stateside in any volume.  We called 50+ farms and kept getting the same answer.  For this reason our rosemary is from Peru.


A little side note, square grouper is a term the coastguard coined for plastic bags of pot (or other drugs) drumped by traffickers when being chased.  I know this because the good old southern boys I used to work with in southern Florida all had stories of finding square groupers washed up on the beach.  I love how Kristy is totally innocent and unaware of the fact that our kitchen counter looks like the spoils of a DEA raid.