Purely Lemon?

For those of you who have been keeping up with our posts, my ultimate goal has been to find pure ingredients to use in our flavors.  I often wonder if this is too much to ask… it has actually been comically difficult.

For instance, lemon powder- when I thought I had this all figured out, after we sent out a bunch of test kits, and after we tested it multiple times, I found out that this ingredient wasn’st as wholesome as I thought.  Our pure lemon powder was NOT pure…it not only contained silica dioxide but it also contained corn syrup as well! (Don’st even get me started on corn syrup) So for the past 5 weeks I have been trying to find pure lemon juice powder, and it’ss been impossible, so I am now aiming for pure lemon powder. Freeze -dried or dehydrated, I don’st care what it is, but I just need it to be in the form of powder, and I need it to be 100% pure.


A few companies have told me that you can’st freeze- dry a liquid to become a solid without adding a certain solid, such as corn syrup or another agent.  Another company told me that this wasn’st the case, but that they would have to add another agent to make sure the powder is free flowing and doesn’st clump.  Another company told me that they could get pure lemon juice powder for us, but when they dug deeper, they found out that their manufacture added 3% silica dioxide. Finally, another company told me that I could place a special order, but a min run would be about 10,000 dollars, and we obviously don’st have that kind of money to be tossing around and experimenting with.


I did however just get off the phone with our sea salt supplier and they said that one of their salts contains the powder of a whole lemon, and that it is 100% free of any agents, additives, chemicals, preservatives etc. Since I am neurotic,and I have to be, I asked her to double check with the owner of the company and the company that supplies the lemon powder.  This lemon powder is not actually freeze -dried or dehydrated.  I will never know how it’ss specifically made because it’ss propriety information, but I don’st really care.  Again, all I care about is that it’ss made with natural ingredients- that it consists of 100% pure lemon.  I should be getting a sample soon and will let you know how it tastes, and if there are suspicious ingredients on the spec sheets once I receive them. I am crossing my fingers that this is the one’s¦ because I am running out of options!


PS. we are in crunch mode.  My goal is to have a finished product in about 6 weeks. Coulter says this is impossible- but I say otherwise. Wish us luck!
Footnote: Lemon powder doesn’st make for a good photo so I chose a photo of our fresh salsa ingredients!