Micromanaged…by My Wife

I need and want to write more posts that contain really hard to find industry knowledge.  This isn’st that.  This is a quick one about something hysterical (and terrible) that has been slowly unfolding.  Kristy’ss focus has become complete.  She is a machine.  In the process, however, I have become an employee.

It started with seemingly innocuous questions like, “What are you going to try to get done this weekend?”  The intent became more apparent over time as the questions shifted toward something more like this, “Like right now; what are you doing right now?”, said while peering at my screen over my shoulder. Yup, I am an employee.  A tightly managed one at that.  Little did I know the micromanaging crescendo was yet to come.


I grabbed a whiteboard a few weeks ago to help Kristy dump some to-dos from her brain.  You know, to free up some capacity.  Quietly and without any acknowledgement that whiteboard somehow ended up next to my desk.  One day a short list of my projects had replaced the long list that previously occupied the board.  Fair enough.  I am just not very good at “focusing” and we both know it.  Then, just a few minutes ago, as I was working on the box layout I heard Kristy get up from her desk and walk behind me.  Without a word she leaned down and jotted down another item on my list, put the cap back on the marker, and headed back to her desk.  Essentially, it’ss an interoffice memo.  Our desks are separated by all of 6 feet.


This is all in good fun. The truth is that I am perpetually distracted.  While writing this little post I got glass of water, pet the dog for 10 minutes (5 with him in my lap), made a new iTunes playlist, and sketched an idea for a coffee machine.  I need a little managing.