Logistical Fun

Well, we knew things were going to come up closer to our deadline, but I kinda hoped that they would not make an appearance.  Wishful thinking on my part! It’ss all part of the process.

Shipping:  I for some reason I thought all of our vendors could ship their final components to our house and we could drive all of the packages to the shared kitchen space and start boxing there.  When I say components  I mean filled oil pouches, filled spice pouches,filled popcorn bags, boxes, and cases; all 50,000 pieces. Funny because one of my vendors said ‘sœpallet’s and ‘sœloading dock’s in the same sentence and I realized that we were not on the same page. I am pretty sure that the freight truck wouldn’st be able to turn down the biggest street in our neighborhood.


Shipping our product on pallets on a freight truck is much more cost effect than shipping UPS ground, so I am trying to figure this out right now. I have found a pretty good solution. We can ship to our storage facility, as they can unload the pallets onto the loading dock. (Pallet’ss are shallow wooded crates that hold your product, usually 40″x48″) We then drive to the storage facility and pick up 25% of our stock. Then drive to our shared kitchen, pack there, and then have the storage facility come pick it up.  It’ss not the best solution, but it works for now!


Popcorn filling:  Our popcorn folks just received their new piece of equipment, and it turns out that one component is not working. (The folder part) So this means that we need to have our bag manufacture pre-fold our bags before they ship them to the popcorn folks so they can fill them.  Problem being, a single ply bag has never gone through the folder before’s¦ and they are not sure it will work.   I am holding my breath on this one, and will keep holding it until I hear back from them’s¦ If they can’st fold them, then we have to wait until the folder part comes in and the machine works properly.  I have no idea how long this would take!  UPDATE: THEY CAN FOLD OUR BAGS!! GOOD news this morning!


Mini issues solved:

Oil- it took me months to find non-GMO canola oil and then another month to find a canola oil certified through the Non-GMO Project.  This was important for us because we wanted to make sure that our canola oil was indeed 100% GMO free.  Through their verification program, they run tests through the supply chain all the way back to the seed. Project is worth checking out.  You can visit the page here.  Our popcorn kernels are also Non-GMO Project verified. I will go into detail in another post.


Lemon powder journey has ended. Recipe finalized today! It needs to be submitted to the company doing our nutritional facts by Thursday.


Our Pure-Pop bag is going to print in just a few days! Dieline is complete, and plates are being made!