Food Startups In & Around Boston

Starting Quinn Popcorn just outside of Boston has been pretty ideal.  We have a ton of idols that began this journey before us.  Instead of feeling out of place, we feel welcomed and comforted that others in this area have also taken a chance in the food world!  Some of our new favorites listed below!

Taza Chocolate:

What? Chocolate bars

Their cacao beans are grown in the Dominican Republic, but they do everything  else in Sommervile, MA.   Roasting, grinding, refining, tempering, and molding  all takes place in their chocolate factory. The factory is also open to the public, and we hope to take a tour of the facility soon.  Their chocolate makes amazing hot chocolate, and I am sure it would make for a fantastic ice cream base as well.


Maine Root:

What? All natural soda

They use the old fashioned method of sweetening their soda with cane sugar. I just had the root beer and it taste exactly like Barq’ss root beer, but without the corn syrup, caramel color, and Sodium Benzoate.  Pretty impressive and extremely satisfying.


Wunder Smoothie:

What? A smoothie in a pouch ‘s“ for kids!

It’ss 100% pure fruit without any additives, preservatives, and the like.  I haven’st been able to find this near me, but maybe that’ss because I don’st really travel more than 15 feet these days.  When I am able to try it, I will let you know, but if I were to feed Quinn anything out of a pouch, it would be this.  There isn’st even citric acid added to the product’s¦ and that is huge!  I am already a BIG fan.


Liz Lovely:

What? Organic/vegan Cookies

I just tried their gluten free-vegan ginger cookie and seriously fell in love. Coulter even loved it’s¦which is truly shocking.


Clover Food Truck:

What? Boston food truck

This is truly taking over the Cambridge, Harvard, and Kendal Square area.  College students line up morning, noon and evening for the most amazingly fresh, local, seasonal food a food truck has to offer. The menu offers hibiscus tea and unique juices, one cup at a time drip coffee, hand cut fries with rosemary, AND the most delicious falafel I have ever had!  It’ss seriously a food lovers paradise, but on the sidewalk.   Oh, and it’ss vegetarian, but  vegetarian for meat lovers’s¦ and I see more guys than girls at this truck if that tells you anything!


Roxy’ss Food Truck:

What? Grilled Cheeses

This just started up in March.   I haven’st tasted them, but I am hoping that this will take Boston by storm.  Who doesn’st like a quick grilled cheese to go’s¦ especially in this rainy and persistently cold weather!  This is brilliant- I hope they make them with arugula, bacon, and pears.


Stacy’ss Pita Chips:

What? Pita chips

You have had them.  They are everywhere and ridiculously addicting.  It all started when Stacy opened her sandwich food truck in Boston.  While customers waited in line, she handed out baked pita chips to keep them happy and content.  It obviously worked! 😉