We Need Your Brain, All of It

This is the part where I ask you for ideas.  Our bag needs a name.  Yes, we will use your idea and give you only popcorn in return, but think of the fame!  We welcome any thoughts, great stuff to crappy idea, from “clear-pop” to “Fahrvergnügen”.


It’ss starting to look like our bag kicks ass.  A few features need to be tweaked, but for the most part, it works amazingly well.  It does this without the Teflon susceptor patch and without a plastic liner; it’ss just paper!  That’ss great, but now we need to think about how to communicate all that awesomeness.  No one is going to read a paragraph about how great a popcorn bag is.  We need to get it across in two, maybe three words max.  We need something that people will remember but also doesn’st make us look like we are trying too hard.  We need to nail it.


Don’st leave me hanging…