The Perfect Mixture

That image above cracks me up and it’ss the reason I decided to write this post.  Kristy is often the one trying out new flavors and I have been trying to get her to record everything carefully.  That’ss her best effort.  If you can understand it, you deserve a high five.


There are a ton of factors that influence the flavors including your opinion, our opinion, nutritional value, cost, availability, and others.  No, we don’st have some cleaver system of quantifying each and determining the best solution.  Mostly, it comes down to an informed gut feeling.


The thing is, we need to be able to produce the flavors consistently if we have any hope of getting good feedback and evolving them.  Clearly we already have too many variables to handle.  This has resulted in us (me) figuring out a system to mix the ingredients so that the outcome is repeatable.


I just made that sound way more complex than it really is.  Essentially we use a very accurate scale and carefully weigh each ingredient as it is added to the mixture.  I’sm guessing these scales are mostly purchased by drug dealers, but at $20, at least they are really cheap.  The weights give us the exact ratio of each ingredient in the mixture which we can then repeat or tweak.


Using weight (grams, oz) and not volume (cup, tablespoon) is much more accurate and repeatable.  Its not that hard to make one cup of flour turn into 3/4 cup by packing it down, but the weight would have remained the same. Pastries, for example, don’st tolerate error very well and any pro will prepare a dough using weights of ingredients, not volume.

With the test kits rolling out we are starting to produce in slightly larger volume, and it will be interesting to see how this system holds up when we go to big tubs of cheeses and spices.  Our first run isn’st that far off so we will find out soon!