Speed Bumps

Remember when we said that we were cruising along at high-speed… well, we have run into a few roadblocks that we are currently trying to maneuver around.


1. Where are we going to fill our boxes?

I am trying to figure out a way to get our house certified so we can do this at home and not have to find a commercial space to work out of.

All we have to do is put the already sealed oil pouches, spice pouches, and popcorn bags into a box, glue it, and then put six of those boxes into a case and seal that… shouldn’st be all that complicated.


2. Where are we going to store the cases?

I am also trying to figure out how we can certify our house as a storage facility.  If we create a climate controlled environment in our basement’s¦ we might be able to get away with it. (wishful thinking on this one.  If that doesn’st work, we have to rent out a space.


3. Figure out the dairy industry.

I have been in touch with 7 dairy companies while on the hunt to find a certain cheese. I have learned that this industry is just  as complicated as the corn industry.  If I could choose any small family owned farm to work with, when sourcing our ingredients, it’ss a dairy farm.   I have about 1% chance of actually accomplishing this.


4. How are we going to fill our spice pouches?

Coulter and I freaked out the other day about filling our spice pouches by hand.  (all 12,000 of them)

I am trying to find a small co-packer in the area willing to do this for us, but it’ss going to cost us. In the end, we will probably hand fill them anyway’s¦but maybe we will get lucky and someone will give us a break?



It’ss starting to get complicated, but I was able to make coffee at 10am this morning, so I am in tip-top shape to knock these down!   (hopefully)