Narrowing In On Bag Graphics

Of all the million little pieces that must come together to make a box of our popcorn, the bag has the longest lead time.  I have been putting this off for weeks, but now we are out of time and we need to finalize the graphics for the bag.  Why am I putting it off?  Mostly because I’sm feaked out by the idea of hitting print (metaphorically speaking) on 15,000 copies.  I’sd rather not screw this up.


So, naturally, we have a few options and hope for some feedback.  Everyone ROCKED on the bag names and we are still thinking and digging through  it. We will post more on that soon.


The goal is for the front of the bag to feel Quinn Popcorn.  It should feel fun and new while at the same time communicate the quality of what’ss inside.  Here are the options:








And then there is the far trickier back of the bag.  This side needs to hold a lot info without feeling overly complicated or overwhelming.  It took all of our willpower to work the text down to what you see.  There is so much more to say!  So, which of these feels more comprehensible; which would freak you out less?






As always, please comment with any and all thoughts.  I am especially interesting in the things that are so terrible they trigger a gag reflex.  Good stuff is okay too.