Hormones & Spiders


When we think we have it all figured out’s¦ we don’st. 

While on the hunt to find milk that doesn’st contain any growth hormones, which is sadly very hard to find in the United States, our dried herb supplier in CA sent me a sample of their dried tarragon.


I reached in, threw a couple of pieces in my mouth, realized it didn’st taste fresh at all, and then looked back down in the bag.  There was a dead, dried up fly, wrapped in some sort of spider web and tarragon leaves’s¦


Since then, I have called about 30 farmers in the United States within 24 hours, BUT while this was taking place I also found a company who only deals with dairy farmers who don’st inject their cows with growth hormones aka, rBST.  I receive a sample early next week, and have a good feeling about it!


So, when I thought our dried herb supplier was all figured out, and when I thought I was sh*t out of luck with finding a rBST free cheese, within seconds, they flipped!  It’ss funny how things like that happen.


Coulter and I have come to the realization that things are always going to come up, there is always going to be a snafu, or challenge that we hadn’st planned for.  We have to remain steady, driven, and patient.  If we freak out at ever mishap we would never get anything accomplished. I guess that’ss the lesson that we have learned. It’ss great to have a plan, but a third of your time and energy is going to end up being devoted to the things you thought would be easy.  If you expect these things to come up, if you expect to be constantly putting out fires, you are more likely to roll with the punches.


PS: Does anyone know of a farmer who would dry, sift, and crush rosemary’s¦ and also do quality control on it?! Let us know if you do!