Friends and Family Feedback

For us one of the big advantages of engaging a broader audience this early on is that all of you can help us shape our product into something better. I’sm always amazed at how products seem to just pop out. Not a word is said and then bam, please buy our finished product. Kristy and I are completely aware that we can’st know the answers to all of the questions, we can’st develop this product in isolation.

In addition to this blog we are starting to send out test kits in order to get some really targeted feedback. The kits contain a few different flavors (bag, oil pouch, flavor pouch), a quick set of primer questions, preparation instructions, and a cheap Flip style video camera.
The first few videos have been amazing. I remember Kristy and I watching the first video of a friend cooking up one of our bags. It ended and we were silent. It blew our minds. Nothing about the video would seem exceptional to an outsider, but we had built up so any preconceived notions about popcorn, preparation, flavors, context, mood, methods,…everything. The video made us readdress them. It changed the way we saw our product.


Subsequent videos have all impacted the way we think about our product. We finish and often say something like ‘sœOkay, okay, so it not really about this; this other things is what really matters!’s. In addition to evolving our fundamental thinking the testing has also pointed out a lot of pragmatic tweaks that are needed. The pouches are stand-ins but they are way too thick and hard to open. It’ss really tough to know when to stop the microwave and then to feel good about it after you have. Opening the bag can cause ripping. That last one it harder to fix’s¦ We are working on it.

We are making these kits by hand so our capacity is really limited but… Drop us a line if you want to take part, and we will do our best to get you a bag!