Coffee Break?

If you ask me to stop for one second, even to breath, I will tell you that you’sre out of your bloody mind… It will ALL come crashing down!


For the past 7 months a typical morning/afternoon goes something like this: Feed Quinn sweet potatoes with one hand, test recipes with the other. Call suppliers with one hand, type emails to manufactures with the other. Eat chips for lunch, while standing up, while giving Colby breakfast, (our dog, whom I forget to feed once in a while…)  while on the phone harassing our bag manufacture about glue. It sounds a bit crazy/chaotic, and it is, but this is what it’ss all about.  We have to have 100% drive and be 100% passionate about our product to get this off the ground, to make this work…   We don’st break, we eat, sleep, dream, and think about Quinn Popcorn.


Coulter bought me a blue tooth headset last week.  I sure don’st look cool wearing it, but at least I have one arm free.  I am still trying to get the hang of it. I have hung up on a couple of important people because I couldn’st figure out how to turn it on… but besides that, It has virtually changed my life over night! I can now run around the house folding laundry, picking up toys, picking up food, while I negotiate rates, while I ask a billion questions about paper and plastic, about salts, about cheese, about boxes, and about how to get our product into stores.


The phone has been a very important part of this business, and I am pretty much on it all day.  A huge part of this has been creating and managing relationships with all of our vendors. I have to follow-up with people constantly. There are some vendors I call twice a day, every day, no joke. I also always find myself engaged in an interesting conversation at least 5 times a day. Balancing this while trying to raise Quinn and keeping our house from turning upside down has been pretty interesting, but we were prepared that this was going to be non stop.  When we started this business we knew It had to be all or nothing. We knew that we weren’st going to have leisurely coffee breaks. I am lucky if I can even make coffee at this point. ;]