And the Winner Is…

Thanks to all of the comments on the bags, we now have what we hope is the final layout.  I was so stuck on this, and I can’st tell you how helpful it is to have some guidance from the group.


As for the bag name, we aren’st quite there yet.  It’ss shown as “Pure-Pop” on the bag now, but that’ss just a placeholder for now.  The suggestions are amazing, and we will write it up once we find the best combo!


I’sve got to say, I was a big fan of the horizontal instructions.  No one agreed…  It took a little time, but now I see it your way; the vertical is way better.  For the most part the smaller husk was preferred as was the double line bag top.  We also lightened the text a little as the instructions started to feel a little intimidating.


This is a little more detailed, but what do you think of the copy?  The goal here is to sound less like a lawyer wrote it and more like a, um, person is behind this.  I am also okay if it ends up just sounding like the layer was hammered when composing the instructions.