Prototype Bags!

Big news for Quinn Popcorn!  Reinventing the bag has been a huge challenge for us and we are one step closer to nailing it.

This new bag is a complete departure from existing microwave popcorn bags.  It does not use a plastic coating or metal susceptor that are used in virtually every other bag on the market.  The material we are using is a naturally grease resistant paper.  I’sm checking with our supplier on this, but I’sm pretty sure you could eat the bag!  More on the paper here:
As we have said before, getting the bag right is key to Quinn Popcorn.   The existing bag is so far from who we are.  I don’st want to sound like a broken record, but we just can’st use a synthetic bag that leaches chemicals into our product.
The company that’ss producing our bags had some concerns over the new material.  It is less elastic than kraft paper and it wasn’st clear if it would work on their machines without ripping.  After shipping a few reams of paper across the Atlantic, and running tests on the machines in the Midwest, we have a working prototype’s¦a few thousand of them!
It’ss not perfect yet though.  It’ss a little too small for shaking and there’ss been a few occurrences of if ripping when opened.  The bag producer has been a great partner and we will work these kinks out.
Next up is to find a way to succinctly communicate why our bag is different and why you should care.  I get really annoyed when companies brand every little piece of their product but this might warrant it.  How can we brand our bag? What one to two words say it all? Not sure, but a post of ideas is sure to follow.