Popcorn Yield

Since we are not using a susceptor in our bag there is some concern that we will end up with more dud kernels.  As we said earlier, the susceptor is used by all other brands to help heat the kernels up quickly but it also ends up off gassing some pretty nasty chemicals.  Obviously we can’st have that in our product.

We have samples from a few popcorn suppliers and I finally got a chance to test how well they pop.  I placed two glasses containing 15 grams of kernels from different suppliers in each.  The image above shows the store bought bulk popcorn we have been using compared to our favorite Midwest organic supplier.  Amazing right!  The organic, non-GMO popcorn has incredible yield.  This should help offset the fact that we are not using a subseptor in the bag.

A little aside; apparently iPhones autocorrect unpopped to impolite.  I was getting really confused when a friend wrote me that there weren’st that many ‘sœimpolite’s kernels left in the bag.  Somewhat appropriate I guess.