Papers Papers Everywhere

Completed paperwork is pretty satisfying. It means that we are that much closer to getting Quinn Popcorn on the shelves.

Over the last couple of days I have been swimming in papers!  I just finished filling out most of them and thought I would share the big one listed below. Exciting news and I am celebrating with a large cup of coffee while attacking about 10 other problems that have come up this morning.



Crop Circle Kitchen: We have decided to work out of the shared kitchen in Jamaica Plain.  I just submitted the paperwork, spoke to my inspector friend over at the Dept. of Health, and sent in a check.We aren’st there just yet- we have a couple of more tasks to complete before we can become a member.


Tasks that need to be completed:

  1. Become a food safety manager.

We need to take a course online and then take the 90 min test at the kitchen. We will probably have Quinn in tow when we do this so I am sure I will be 100% distracted i.e. I hope I pass the test!

2. Receive a Base of Operations permission letter from Crop Circle Kitchen stating that we are able to conduct business out of their kitchen.

In order to receive this they need to have our business license, proof of insurance, and security deposit.


Completed Tasks:

  1. Kitchen application has been sent in.
  2. I have read most of the MA Food Processor’ss Resource Manual.
  3. We have Incorporate our business with the state and have registered our business with the city.
  4. We have finally finished our insurance paperwork so we have liability insurance that covers us while working in our home and in the kitchen. We also now have commercial auto insurance.

Fun note: Quinn just fell asleep standing up in his play-saucer thingy’s¦ nope- he just woke up’s¦Today is a good day!