Our New Husk

The graphic design or brand language of Quinn Popcorn is something we talk about all the time and have been continuing to work on.  The empty husk really resonates with Kristy and me, and hopefully it will become an iconic piece of our brand.  It has developed over time and has finally reached a point where we are both really psyched about it.

Our vision of what Quinn Popcorn is and how our product should be perceived has stayed constant since day one.  The challenge is finding a husk that say’ss exactly what we are thinking.

Our first husk started out as a watercolor that was really appealing, but we thought it made the product feel too high end.  This is microwave popcorn, and although it is a treat it shouldn’st seem precious.  We made a few iterations of the watercolor mostly changing color and contrast before moving on.


We edited that watercolor to give it a more edgy and fun look.  We loved it at first, but that wore off pretty quickly.  It sounds funny, but I think sometimes we just need time to see how something settles in.  In the end this edit felt too coarse, maybe even a little too rebellious.


We are loving the current and hopefully final husk.  It looks (and is) handmade and crafted.  It feels fun and inviting.  Hopefully you see it the same way we do!

Next up, colors!  We are working on selecting the right green for the husk as well as other color options for our three flavors.