Loving EVOL

Kristy and I keep an eye out for emerg­ing food brands and con­tinue to build a list of the one’ss that we find really inspir­ing.  Evol Bur­ri­tos is another Boul­der based food com­pany that is doing some amaz­ing stuff.  We did a quick write up on Jusin’ss Nut But­ter a week or so ago and the rea­sons that I love them are sim­i­lar to what makes Evol great.  As you can see from the above photo we just might have a small addic­tion prob­lem.  Quick and deli­cious food is what we need right now.

So, what makes them great?  First, it’ss the food.  I started with their bur­ri­tos and never looked back.  Com­pared to other prod­ucts in the cat­e­gory, the bur­ri­tos feel more home­made, more hon­est, more like human food.  They are filled with a mix of rec­og­niz­able ingre­di­ents rather than a homogenous refried been slurry.  Don’st get me wrong, I still like all frozen bur­ri­tos. These are just better.

From the bur­ri­tos we moved onto the food bowls and then the flat breads came in.  I swear every time we go to the gro­cery store they have new prod­uct out.  It’ss all great stuff.  The photo below is of the BBQ Chicken & Moz­zarella flat­bread.  Just like the rest of their prod­ucts, the fla­vor was per­fect, bal­anced, and sat­is­fy­ing.  Again, the ingre­di­ents seemed fresher, more nat­ural, and carefully con­sid­ered than most of the other prod­ucts in the freezer isle.



So the food is amaz­ing, but there is more to learn here.  They launched their first prod­uct in an estab­lished cat­e­gory where it could have been dif­fi­cult to gain vis­i­bil­ity.  They dif­fer­en­ti­ated them­selves from the exist­ing brands by offer­ing a prod­uct that focused on new and fresh fla­vors as well as nat­ural ingre­di­ents.  In some ways it’ss pretty sim­i­lar to what we hope to do with microwave popcorn.


Graphic design and/or brand communication is something we are trying to nail right now and Evol does a great job here. Every­thing from their pack­ag­ing to their web­site car­ries a con­sis­tent fun and invit­ing feel.  The design gives the sense that the food was thought­fully crafted while not feel­ing exclu­sive or too high end.  It’ss tough to pull it off but they did.

The graphic design is undoubt­edly one of the ini­tial ways they were able to stand out in an estab­lished prod­uct cat­e­gory.  Every other bur­rito pack­ag­ing is slathered in col­or­ful and fes­tive graph­ics. Every time I look in the burrito freezer section I’sm amazed at how Evol stands out in a loud crowd through whis­per­ing with their clean and sim­ple pack­age design.


It’ss not just me, there seems to be a pos­i­tive buzz around their prod­uct.  I keep hear­ing about them and notice oth­ers hitting up their freezer sec­tion at the gro­cery store. They seem to be really kick­ing butt.


To sum it up, how can you not love a company like this:



The Office Video from EVOL Burritos on Vimeo.