How Things Get Done

I just witnessed the reason why Quinn Popcorn is heading to market so quickly and I need to pass it along.


Kristy was trying a new gluten and dairy free macaroni and cheese.  It was gross.  No surprises there. (I am willing to eat anything but I just don’st understand Kristy’ss joy when she finds something like this.) The pouch they used for their non-dairy-vegan-cheese-something-powder was, however, really nice. It was very light weight, looked like it was mostly craft paper, it is compostable, and it was stamped that it was produced in a carbon neutral facility.  Pretty cool and exactly what we have been looking for.


I thought to myself that it would be great to find a manufacture to produce something like this, and then moved on.  I’sm basically useless.  Kristy on the other hand was on the phone with the production manager in less than 15 minutes.


First she called the front desk at the macaroni and cheese company and after passing along a few compliments on their product she was quickly passed through to the production manager.  The production manager dug our product idea and passed along the info for their package supplier.  After a few emails and a few phone calls we will have quotes from them in a few days.


This isn’st the first time this has happened.  Through the same process we have been in contact with Stony Field, Annie’ss, You Bar, Purely Elizabeth, Evol and others.  Many of these initial conversations develop into relationships and most calls are 30+ minutes long.  It’ss just amazing how willing people are to help out!


It turns out this industry really isn’st that guarded.  There are so many different product categories that very few companies are actually in competition with each other.  At the same time many of us share the same challenges.  To top it off, I swear people in this industry are 50% nicer than the general public.  How’ss that for a gross generalization.


I guess that point is that picking up the phone and cold calling can be incredibly effective in this context.