A Fun Status Update

Things have been moving along at record pace which is awesome, but it has started to freak me out! I am not going to lie and say that I sleep well at night’s¦ because my to do list is getting out of control and I am constantly making mental notes, jotting things down on my iphone, writing emails to myself, and then using the good old fashion method of writing lists in my note book. I probably could just get away with writing things down in my notebook BUT I need the constant go-go- go- go, the constant reminders, and the constant nagging from myself’s¦

So here is a quick update:
o We have finally received samples of our bags! We were pretty much holding our breath on this because we weren’st sure if the material was going to work on the machines, but it does, and we are really excited!!


o Our kitchen will be certified one day soon so we can start working out of it, but we have run into some minor problems with putting oil into pouches. Board of Health doesn’st like this idea, but I think we ALMOST have this worked out.

o Liability insurance is complete, now I just need to make sure our auto insurance gets switched over from personal to commercial. And then I need to make sure our home owner’ss policy is aware that we are starting a business in our home. This will all be finalized with a signature and a very large check’s¦

o We have started friends and family flavor testing. We have a ton of bags and pouches to fill and then a ton of people to ship to, but we are getting there!

o We have all of our ingredient suppliers!

o We almost have all of our packaging suppliers- we are still trying to figure out the pouches for our herbs/and spices- but I found an awesome lead, and we should have some quotes and some samples in about two weeks.

o Our popcorn kernel supplier tested out our bags on their machine and they work! (we are having them fill the kernels for us.)The only thing, they are having new equipment made, and we won’st be entirely sure the outcome of this until it comes in’s¦ we are just going to cross our fingers that it all works out!

o We are honing in on our graphics. We are working with a kick-ass illustrator, and our vision is coming together!

o I just need to start writing more posts for our blog!

o My new face cream works on some days’s¦ today is not one of them!

o More to come!