Popcorners via JetBlue

I have been meaning to give Popcorners a try and I finally got my chance.  They seem to have a very active marketing and promotional campaign.  I keep coming across the name, and this time, it was on a JetBlue flight as part of their snack offering.  Interestingly, Justin’ss Nut Butter was also offered.  Cool.

We first saw Popcorners at the Expo East natural food expo.  We were definitely looking very closely because they were the only ones there doing something interesting with popcorn.  While we didn’st really dig their edgy marking campaign, they clearly had their act together.  They had an army of people running one of the biggest booths in the place.

As for my late night midair taste test’s¦  They’sre pretty good.  I had the White Cheddar flavor but they also have a variety of other flavors.  The cheese taste was pretty subtle and the texture was something like a thin and crispy rice cake. The bag was easy to polish off.

Overall they seem a little like healthy Doritos.  The flavors are more sophisticated and the ingredients are much more, um, earthly.   Worth a try in my book.