Pitch Cards

Kristy wrote about her meeting with the local buyer for a national grocer in a recent post.  The meeting went really well but beforehand we were a little nervous.  It would suck to have the conversation derail or to walk out and realize that you forgot to define some important aspect of our product.  It would also be very easy to do.

We created a set of pitch cards to help Kristy tell the story of our venture, structure the conversation, to provide a point of attention to focus the discussion.  Each card covers a topic; Quinn Popcorn Begins, The Ingredients, The Experience, The Format, and The Timline.  Basically the cards cover the about us, the idea, the ingredient philosophy, the user experience, the package design, and our progress to date.

Going in, we really didn’st know if Kristy would even pull them out, but they ended up being really useful.  The meeting was brief and it was up to Kristy to lead the conversation.  In a situation that could have left her totally flustered, Kristy stayed on track.  You know when you walk out of an interview or similar and just at that moment you realize, ‘sœShit!  I forgot to mention the’s¦’s .  That didn’st happen this time.