My “Just Get It Done” List

I need to come up with a better way to write/say “To Do List”.  It is so uninviting that it makes me NOT want to do it. So my “Just Get It Done” list  says, “stop whining and just DO IT”.

I bring this up because like everyone else in Boston, this weather is getting to me’s¦. snow/sleet/ice/rain etc. = ‘sœsnow fatigued’s (I can’st take credit for this saying. I sadly read it on Facebook yesterday, but it best describes how I feel this morning.)

That said, it is a bit hard to motivate at 9am, but I am plugging away, and I will get it done!  (or most of it anyway)

I made a couple of calls to the bag manufacture to find out how our test run went/is going/ is it going to happen?’s¦  No answer.  I then took a look at my just get it done list, which led me to take a mini-break .  (I spent 30 minutes reading my new favorite food blogs- more on this later.)

Daunting To Do List below:

  • Figure out what the cost of freight is going to be when our packaging folks ship us our outer box.  Based on that price, I then need to figure out what packaging company we are going to go with.
  • Figure out the size of our box, but we can’st figure that out until we know the size of our bag, and we won’st know that until the bag manufacture tests the bags out on their machines.   If they work, then we get sample bags, and then I try to see if we can create our own size.
  • Coulter needs to design a way to fill the spice/herb pouches and the oil pouches. He can’st do this until we figure out what pouches we are going to go with.  I need to make some progress on our pouches- we received some samples yesterday, so that is promising.
  • Follow up with barcode company.
  • Follow up with the nutritional label company.
  • Work on COG spreadsheet. ( Cost of goods)
  • Try and get our margin down to 40%.
  • Work on Contact Info Spreadsheet.
  • Work on getting our kitchen certified for a wholesale product.  Call the Health Department of Massachusetts to get papers.
  • Figure out how to generate more hits to our website/blog without spamming friends and family.  (Although I will probably do this over the weekend.)
  • Write blog post.  (check!)
  • Buy a better face cream- with a new business and a 5 month old baby who doesn’st sleep through the night, my face is starting to resemble crinkled parchment paper.  (I know this because I used this very paper to make corn tortillas last night.)