Early Package Rendering

The graphic design for the box is not finalized yet, in fact it’ss not even close.  I still wanted to get started on creating a rendering of the final packaging.  It’ss easy for Kristy and I to see the whole picture and even easier to forget that it’ss not so obvious to everyone else.  Anything we can do to make the product feel more real will help others see the potential’s¦hopefully.

The rendering isn’st perfect, but it’ss a start.  Here is a quick overview of how it’ss made.


The background is a photo and the package elements are renderings that are composited into the photo.  The background photo was setup in my kitchen.  The standard microwave popcorn box and bag was used to get the right prospective and then removed for the final shot.


The time consuming part is creating the CAD models of the box and bags.  After creating the models the scene was setup for the rendering using lighting and a perspective was similar to those in the photo.


Finally the rendering was laid onto the photo to create the final image.

This happens to be something I have a lot of experience with.  While normally I think it’ss best to figure it out yourself, this would take some time.  Guru.com or a similar site could hook you up with someone who could whip out an amazing product rendering quickly and for relatively cheap.  Leave this one to the pros.  (not that I am saying I am a pro… but I have experience with it.)