Developing Our Visual Brand Language

We have been working with an amazing graphic designer to nail our brands design language.  My current and previous work required me to have some graphic design sensibility but we needed this to be right.  We found Lindsay Perkins on the The Die Line package design blog.  Her style is really different from the text centric, solid colors, sterile look that a lot of higher end brands have adopted.  It’ss much warmer, much more Quinn Popcorn.

So far Lindsay developed the basic graphic elements of our brand.  The logo and corn husk are part of this, but she also helped to define a tagline, the set of fonts, and the basic guidelines for applying them.  The husk isn’st quite right yet.  I made the current one by butchering a watercolor that Lindsay did for us.  I will dig deeper on this in a later post but we are getting there.

We are not in a position to pay the $50k+ that a full service design and advertising agency would charge so finding an individual designer is the best route.  Lindsay has and will continue to provide the most important components of our brands design language’s¦with plenty of direction (nagging, distraction, inconsistency) from Kristy and me.  We will apply that to the various communication channels such as this website, which, by the way, is still in need of some help.

The above image is one example of Lindsay’ss work that we really like.  Again, lots of personality.  It feels high end without looking snooty.  It’ss welcoming.  I’sm thirsty for milk.  Check out her site for more great work here.