Status Update

It’ss becoming clear that telling a story through a blog is, well, friggin impossible.  We continue to steam ahead with late nights and coffee overdoses becoming just part of our routine.  Hopefully these status updates will make the progress more clear and also help keep everyone in the loop.  So, the new plan is to write a general update every few weeks.  This is where we are right now’s¦

Food Industry Fundamentals

We are still at the point where everything we learn here tends to hint as how much we don’st know.  Kristy reads all the blogs and any other info available online.  She is constantly on the phone with people in the industry, most of which are incredibly helpful.  We both spent a day at the Expo East in Boston as well as day at an expensive but really informative natural food seminar.

We know about 10% of what we need to know and of that we have shared about 2%.  Many more posts on the workings of the retail food industry to come!


The flavors are proving tricky but in a good way.  The current finalist list is:

  • White Ched­dar & Crushed Red Pep­per Flakes
  • Parme­san & Rosemary
  • Peanut but­ter & Honey
  • Maple & Sage
  • Sugar & Spice
  • Sea Salt & Thyme

The hard part is that this list keeps growing but we need to get it down to three or less for launch.  This feeds right into the next topic’s¦


Our kitchen is overflowing with herbs, spices, and cheeses from around the world.  I need to post of pic of this.  It really amazing to have it all on hand and thankfully Kristy has it all cataloged.

Most of the ingredients are free samples sent from potential suppliers.  We have found a huge discrepancy in price and quality.  More interestingly, the two seem to be mostly unrelated.  We will write about some of the more interesting flavors soon!


The bag is a tough one for us.  We have dissected and experimented but don’st have a final design yet.  We do, however, have a material that is seemingly a perfect fit.  This bag needs to be resolved very soon.  We also started the search for a supplier for the box.  Samples of potential dielines are in the mail.


There are just a couple other topics we need to tackle’s¦  Things like brand development, graphic design, launch plan, product pricing, distribution, fulfillment, co-packaging, popping yield, user testing, nutrition info, upc codes, brokers, demos, promotions, marketing, etc.

We will cover it!