Peanut Flour

I received a sample of some peanut flour from a farm in Georgia today.  I am  really excited to try our Honey & Peanut Butter flavor with this and can’st wait to bake some gluten -free chocolate chip cookies as well.

At first, we began testing this flavor using regular peanut butter. We mixed it with canola oil over the stove and then poured it on top of the popped kernels.  This resulted in a gooey mess, which is fun, but not really appealing.  We also used regular honey.  This didn’st work at all. The honey fell right off the kernels.

After nagging and hounding about using dry ingredients, Coulter finally gave in, and I was able to purchase 100% dehydrated honey powder, and roasted peanut flour.  Both ingredients covered the kernels really well.  They only thing, since the flour is pretty dry to begin with, we don’st want to use a lot of it because it becomes cakey and pretty much sticks to the roof of your mouth.   We also found that you need to use a lot of it because the flavor gets lost in the honey.  So, that said, I am on the hunt for peanut flour that really pops.  I have found that there are 4 different options for us:  A light roast with 12% fat, a dark roast with 12%, fat,  a light roast with 28% fat, and a dark roast with 28% fat.  The darker roast is a stronger flavor, but I hear that it can be a bit bitter. I have not tasted this myself, so can’st say yet.

More to come when I have this all figured out!