Justin’ss Nut Butter

Kristy’ss and I were in Boulder CO a few years ago and came across this amazing peanut butter at the local farmer’ss market.  Justin’ss Nut Butter was a smaller company then and the owner, Justin Gold, was serving a variety of nut butters from a stand at the market.  He was really gracious and clearly passionate about his product.  I remember Kristy and I agreeing that this Justin’ss Nut Butter would catch on.

From what I can see it has!  Justin’ss Nut Butter has been in every Whole Foods we have been too and the name keeps coming up online.  I think the product is kick ass and here is why:

Category  ‘s“  Peanut butter is such a molested product.  I’sm not sure Skippy has any peanuts in it.  There are other organic peanut butters but they all felt fringe; focusing too much on organic.  I think there is totally a place for a peanut butter company that is organic (or at least all natural) and focuses on flavor.  Adding a variety of other nut butters to the mix just helps strengthen the brand.

Flavor ‘s“ The stuff is amazing.  Justin’ss offer a variety of flavors and a variety of nuts.  Try the Honey Peanut Butter, Chocolate Almond Butter, and Chocolate Hazelnut, and’s¦   Doesn’st matter.  They are all good.  The product is expensive and if it didn’st taste amazing I wouldn’st have bought it again.

Singles ‘s“ This one really has us thinking.  Justin’ss went to an entirely new format for peanut butter.  Alongside their jars they sell it in small, single serving, pouches.  This does two things.  It makes peanut butter a snack.  We have all gone to the jar with a spoon but this is far more convenient.  More importantly, this lowers the investment for shoppers who want to give the product a try.  Worst case scenario you are out a buck or so.

Graphic Design ‘s“ Sometime in the last year Justin’ss revamped their graphic design and it looks amazing.  It feels high end without being snooty.  Really, it communicates the same mood we hope to.  To be honest, it’ss hard for me to keep myself from copying their style.  The work was done by TDA_Boulder.  They do some great stuff, take a look.

The last time I was at the grocery store I had to wait in line to get to their product.  I hope they are doing as well as it seems because they deserve it!