Defining the Brand

We have been working with a graphic designer to develop the aesthetic of our brand.  The first step there is to figure what Quinn Popcorn is all about; to define our brand.

A colleague of mine defines a brand as a promise that you make to your customers and your products are what deliver on that promise.  So what is our promise and can we make a product good enough to keep it?

I really hate the words premium and gourmet.  I love food but I’sm not premium or gourmet.  I just don’st like shit food that’ss laden with chemicals.  So Quinn food isn’st premium or gourmet.  How about high-end? Nope, not a fan of that one either.

Maybe it’ss not the simple.  Maybe we can sum it up with one word.

Foremost we want to emphasize that out product is natural, and unmolested.  Microwave popcorn currently feels manufactured and synthetic while ours should feel cultivated and pure.

Quinn Popcorn should feel fun but also sophisticated.  A bit of a dichotomy I know.  We don’st want to be the Doritos of the popcorn isle but, then again, microwave popcorn shouldn’st be serious.  It’ss is a treat often enjoyed socially, with friends, family, and/or children.

Our popcorn should feel accessible to anyone, yet it should also be seen as a treat, a small luxury.  This is tricky because it shouldn’st feel like a high end tea or chocolate.  It shouldn’st seem precious.  Microwave popcorn is devoured rather than savored and we want to keep it that way.

There is a lot of overlap in those descriptions but I think it encompasses the important stuff; I think it defines our brand pillars.  Part of me wishes it could be distilled down to one sentence but maybe there is no need.  These pillars will certainly evolve over time.

The task now is to translate this loose definition into a graphic design language, our written communication, and our product.

What makes this easier is that we are our target audience.  We don’st have to fake it.  We need to be consistent.