Why Popcorn

I grew up making Jiffy Pop on the stove.   I am sure you are all well aware that there were pros and cons to this event.  Pros:  making it with my sister, taking turns shaking it on the burner, watching the tin foil bubble magically grow. Cons: burning your fingers while trying to get to the burnt, tasteless popcorn.

We didn’st have a microwave so microwave popcorn wasn’st an option, and for some reason the container full of kernels stayed on the top shelf in the pantry.  I think this had something to do with the fact that my mother and father didn’st actually want to spend time popping it on the stove and then melting the butter or adding additional flavoring.  It’ss likely that they didn’st even know how.

I love to cook, but often don’st have time to make a fresh batch of homemade popcorn when I want that quick fix.  And I love popcorn, but I can never find the right microwave corn to pop.  The boxes on the shelves are still full of artificial flavors, and those that are all natural, lack the flavor that I want.

So, my thought is this:  What if you could make microwave popcorn an event;  the preparation and the popping entertaining , yet still be able to enjoy bag of uniquely flavored popcorn with the, ‘sœI just made it myself’s, taste.

Quinn Popcorn is that experience. Our goal is to create a microwave popcorn that you enjoy making by yourself, with family and friends, for a special treat, or just when you want a great snack. It’ss a popcorn that is full of all natural, and organic ingredients when we can, and a product that is semi home brewed as well.  You actually get to partake in the prep, other than watching it pop and pouring it into the bowl.

Quinn Popcorn is something to look forward to after a long day, after you complete that tedious excel spreadsheet in the office, when you just want to kick back and watch a movie, or when you just want a bag of good popcorn that you can feel good about eating.

That’ss where we come in.