A friend of mine recommended this book, Rework, and, although it a little embarrassing to admit it, this book has had a huge influence on this venture.  The friend has too but more on that later.

37 Signals is a company that sells web apps that helps companies collaborate, share, and make decisions.  Their product and design strategy is very straightforward.  There is none of the corporate jargon and their users play a key role in shaping the product.  Interesting but with only two of us I don’st think we need their software just yet.

The cofounders wrote this book in the interest of spreading their philosophy on running a business’s¦and to drum up publicity, but they deserve it.  I’sm not going to do a book report.  Just go read it.  To get from cover to cover takes two hours tops. 

Okay, here is my take in a few sentences.  Rework makes you more aware of all of the distractions, excuses, and general crap that keep you from getting anything done.  It’ss about less analysis, and more experimentation; fewer closed doors, and more open conversations; fewer excuses, and more doing.  It’ss the kind of book that helps you become aware of truths that you always knew but never properly acknowledged.