Quinn Popcorn Begins

With this post we officially announce Quinn Popcorn.

I guess that makes it real in some sense, but it is certainly very far from the shelves of your local grocery store.  It’ss just a concept, an idea that Kristy has wanted to pursue for years.  It feels like we are at the starting gate of a marathon, tying our shoes.  We have an awareness of the difficulty ahead but even more prominent is the anticipation.  This just might work!

This blog will be a place where we share anything and everything we learn.   Sure, we’sll talk about our popcorn venture but it’ss merely the context in which we will unfold some of the mysteries of starting a food company.  There isn’st a wiki page for this.  We have started the digging and found that the answers lie in disparate places and often developing relationships is the only way to get an answer.

We have only been at this for a few weeks and there is already a ton to share.

We give you Quinn Popcorn.  Go with the grain!