Pod Coffee’s¦Really?

The scary thing is that its way easier to come up with examples that unravel the ‘sœAdd and Egg Axiom’s than those that support it.  We want (need) people to enjoy some process, to be a part of crafting the things they put in their body.  Remember that our popcorn ads a few steps to the typical microwave popcorn prep.

This leads me to the question, why is pod coffee so friggin popular?  Making a good coffee is so satisfying.  Think about it; you go from raw ingredients to something delicious in minutes. You touch everything.  Regardless of the brew method, everything you do has a distinguishable effect on the outcome.  To top it all off, the result releases endorphins!

I just don’st get it.  Dropping a pod in and pressing a button is such a terrible experience.  It makes me feel useless; like my contribution and control has been reduced to telling a machine when to start.  It’ss almost like the machine is humoring me.  It could start whenever it wants to. 

That came across as a bit of a rant but really I am damning these trends that are veering cultural norms away from those will make our product successful.  Also, I happen to hate pod coffee.

I recently started to make a list of the big questions for our product, the things that keep me up at night.  I honestly couldn’st get through it.  I will make myself write it up and post it soon but the willingness pf our consumersnto go through the extra steps is certainly one of them.  I have made enough of our popcorn to know that is just doesn’st taste good if you half ass it.  Ideally our users will be really engaged and enjoy making the perfect bag.  Ideally’s¦