Discovering Flavors

Without great flavors we are dead in the water.  It’ss funny that we are launching a food product yet it has taken us ten blog posts to mention flavor.  In a strange way it’ss easy to lose track of this piece of the puzzle. 

We haven’st lost track but it might not always get the attention needed.  Between all the sourcing and problem solving we have been diligently trying out tons of flavor combinations.  Over the past few months we have col­lected spices, herbs, and cheeses from around the globe; from Himalayan salt to Croatian sage.  Millions of possible combinations and only a few hundred tried so far!

Our goal is to keep each fla­vor under 3 ingre­di­ents, not count­ing salt and oils.   It sounds easy, but it hasn’st been.  We also want each bag to be a treat, but we don’st want eating it to result in the equiv­a­lent caloric intake of downing a pint of Ben and Jerry’ss.  There is a bal­ance between healthy/light and decadent/indulgent.  The in-between is what we are aim­ing for.

Here were some of the fist winners:   

  • Honey & Hibiscus
  • Cocoa & Orange
  • Coconut & Curry
  • Chipo­tle
  • Pep­per­mint

They sound good, but they are pretty out there, not sure if it will appeal to our con­sumer.  We don’st know exactly who that is but our aim is to create flavors that are sophisticated and interesting but also easy enough to love that a 5 year old could enjoy it.  Would a 5 year old eat Hibiscus?  We should try it. 

We hope to have 3 fla­vors at launch.  This is the list of potential winners so far:

  • White Ched­dar & Crushed Red Pep­per Flakes
  • Parme­san & Rosemary
  • Peanut but­ter & Honey
  • Maple & Sage
  • Sugar & Spice
  • Sea Salt & Thyme  ( I am con­stantly tweak­ing this one – Coulter says  it still taste like grass.)

This list was noticeably different last week and it is likely to continue to evolve. 

Any flavor ideas?